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Gold Class Learning This Week

Dear parents/Carers,

What a great week the children have had with continuing with this terms topic ‘Transport’. The children have really shown an interest in learning about different types of boats, such as a canal boat, a rowing boat, a cruise ship and a ferry boat.

Why not ask your child: ‘Which boat is your favourite boat and why?

In Maths

This week the children have been recapping on one more than a number and adding two numbers together to find the total.

Why not play start off playing a simple game ‘Simon Says’ and have your child use their fingers to show you the answer (using numbers within 10). For example: ‘Simon says show me the number 4, 6, 10 etc. Then say a number and have your child give you the answer using a full sentence: “one more than__ is__”.

Say two numbers and have them add them together using any resources you may have at home to support them. Say ‘add’ or ‘plus’ which means the same thing and encourage them to use a full sentence, for example: ‘4 plus 3 equals 7’, or ’12 add 4 equals’.

In Phonics

The children have been writing tricky words and putting them into a sentence.

Ask your child: What is a tricky word?

Here’s a video to help support your child to become confident with some of the tricky words that they need to know. Enjoy!

It’s PE

The children had a challenging time throwing the bean bag into the hoop but enjoyed the task set before them.

Free Flow and Outdoor Play

The children always have fun with their free flow time and outdoor play.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep safe!

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