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Our Week In Bronze Class

Good Evening Parents & Carers

We have been doing lots of learning in Bronze class this week!

In Maths we have been looking at one more up to ten, using different resources. Some children have been able to do this with numbers up to 20! We have also looked at addition this week. The children have been able to recognise that when we see the plus sign, the number is getting bigger. They have been learning how to add numbers together and show this using the resources provided.

Have a listen to the following song over the weekend to help the children with their learning:

In Phonics this week we have been looking the following tricky words:

  • You
  • Are
  • I
  • The
  • To
  • Into
  • Go
  • No

The children have verbally put each tricky word in a sentence. We have practised writing our tricky words and reading some sentences that contain the tricky words. Myself and the staff in Bronze class have been reminding the children that these words are tricky because we cannot sound them, they have to be learnt by sight. It would be really helpful if you could go over the tricky words above with your child this weekend so that they continue to consolidate their learning. We have played tricky word ‘tic-tac- toe’ in class this week, perhaps your child could play this with you at home too!

Have a listen to the tricky words song when helping your child learn their tricky words:

In Literacy this week we have continued to learn about different types of boats. We have learnt about rowing boats, rescue boats and cruise ships and all about the different crew members. Ask your child what they can tell you about each of the different boats.

The children have been very creative this week and have enjoyed making their own boats using recycling.

The children have also worked to strengthen their finger muscles by using playdough. They have been very creative and used it to create transport as well as faces and gingerbread men!


Just a reminder that Collins books are allocated every Thursday for your child. Please do read with your child as much as you can! I have sent home texts last week and this week with sounds and tricky words that the children need to learn. Please do learn them over the weekend as this will help them to progress with their reading.

Have a lovely weekend!

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