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Speaking and Listening Activities

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find below the video for the next session for speech and language activities for your child. You and your child can watch and join in with the activities in the video to support their attention, listening and language skills.

For activity 1, it is important that your child keep their eyes closed. This allows the child to focus on the tone of voice and what it means to them. There are no resources needed to complete the video tutorial activities. Please remember to pause the video after any questions in activities, so that your child has enough time to answer the questions. 

Early Years Speaking and Listening – Session 16

Aitana Murray
Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Love to Communicate

2 thoughts on “Speaking and Listening Activities

  1. Is there any intention to provide more tailored one to one support for children this academic year as these YouTube videos seem very generic/ one size fits all, and my child struggles to engage with them.


    1. Good Afternoon ,

      Thank you for your query. Additional Speech & Language support is being provided for children at school in addition to the videos posted on the blog. Please have a look at the letters that were sent home at the end of the Autumn term from the Speech & Language service. Please speak to your class teacher to find out specifically what support your child is receiving at school.

      Have a lovely weekend!


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