Supporting Your Child’s Phonics at Home

What is Phonics?

Phonics is a way of teaching children to read quickly and skilfully. 
Phonics is a Government backed scheme and “Phonics is the best method for teaching reading”

Our School uses aspects of particular phonics schemes to teach children: 

Letters and – for letter order

Read write Inc – for letter formation

Jolly Phonics – for supporting songs and rhymes

This term you can support your child’s phonics learning by having a try at some of the supporting literacy learning on the computer using the following websites: – phonics made easy – (sounds) (English 3-5 (Kindergargen & Pre-K -ABC Blocks). (learn to read – games / books) (3-5 -sky writer) (ebooks)

Other ways to support your child’s literacy at home:

Take them to the local library

Let your child see you reading

Reading every day / talk about what might happen next in the story / what part did they like best.

Encourage your child to draw pictures and to have a go at writing initial sounds / words / sentence

Help your child with linking sounds to objects; in the environment get them to tell you the sound

*Help them to learn the tricky words (see reading diary)

Play I –spy – something beginning with sound…

Check the blog regularly (Learning Experiences this week…) so you can see what letter sound and words we are learning each week.