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Our Last Day In Bronze Before Finishing For Christmas

Dear Parents & Carers

On Wednesday the children had their school Christmas lunch, they enjoyed it and lots of them said that it was yummy! Some children even had a snowman ice cream for dessert. We played Christmas music while they enjoyed their lunch sitting next to their friends.

Yesterday I asked the children what they would like to do today so that we could make their last day before the Christmas holidays special. Today was our final day at school before we finish for the Christmas holidays and it was a day full of fun! Here’s what they got up to during their choosing time:

Some children practised their writing and made a Christmas snowman! They look amazing!

All the children in class today also created their own Christmas scene (which included snowmen of course) using crayons and black paper. You did a brilliant job Bronze class!

All the children have settled into school really well this term and should all enjoy a well earned break over the Christmas holidays. I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable Christmas!

I look forward to seeing you all in January!

Best Wishes

Miss Zagara

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Maths in Reception

Good morning Parents/Carers,

This week the children had a fun time learning about positional language, using key vocabulary words such as: next to, over, under, on, in, through, behind, in front, in between and beside.

They really enjoyed trying to find ‘Where’s the Monkey’. Have your child tell you where the monkey is using positional language, as you both watch the video together.


Where was the monkey?
Was the monkey on the bed?
Was the monkey under the table?

Activity 1:

Children to choose one of their favourite toys or an object and the adult is to place their toy or object in different positions. Your child should say the location of the toy for example, next to, behind, in front of, in, on etc, using positional language. Adult, please encourage your child to use full sentences when answering the questions.

Activity 2‘Where is Elf?’
Look at the powerpoint below with your child and have them answer the question to each slide. Have fun!

Well done children for always trying your best and for producing such lovely work, you deserve a holiday.

From the Reception Team, keep safe and have a wonderful winter break!

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Our Week In Bronze Class w/c 07.12.20

Good Evening Parents & Carers

As usual we have been doing lots of learning in Bronze Class this week. We have also been getting into the Christmas spirit as the children helping to decorate the classroom by making paper chains. They have grown so much since the beginning of the week!

The children have also made some amazing reindeer hats!

In Maths this week we have been looking at time! We have spoken to the children about different ways in which we can measure time. Ask them how we can measure time and I’m sure they will be able to name a few ways! We have even been completing mini 1 minute challenges. The children came up with all sorts of challenges from being able to put your hand on your head to trying not to laugh! It was lots of fun!

In Phonics this week the children have learnt 3 new sounds as well as a new tricky word! Please see the post published earlier today titled Reception Phonics w/c 07.12.20 for more information. The children have all tried their best with their writing and have done some excellent work with their letter formation!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Zagara

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Phonics In Reception w/c 7.12.20

Good Afternoon Parents and Carers,

Last week in Phonics we looked at the sounds ‘ss’ , ‘j’ and ‘v’.

This week we have learnt 3 new sounds! We have been learning the ‘w’, ‘x’ and ‘y’ sounds.

Listen to the Jolly Phonics songs at home and sing along! Ask your child if they can show you the actions for the sounds that we have learnt so far.


We would like you to look out of your window and see if you can see anything beginning with the ‘w’ sound and two things around your home that have the ‘y’ and ‘x’ sound. Let us know what you find!

Have a go at writing the new sounds that you have learnt this week. Remember we have special rhymes that will help with our letter formation!

w – Down, up, down, up

x – Down the arm and leg, repeat the other side

y – Down a horn, up a horn and under his head

You could have a go at writing some CVC (consonant- vowel – consonant)/ CVVC (consonant-vowel- vowel- consonant) words using the sounds above as well as those that we have learnt so far, for example: wet, wax, box, fox, yam, yes, yak etc.

We also learnt a new tricky word this week. Our tricky word this week is ‘he’. You could have a listen to the tricky word song and sing it together at home!

See if your child can come up with a sentence using the word ‘he’. Here are a few of ours:

  • He went to bed.
  • He went to the park.
  • He is a man.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team

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Maths in Reception

Good morning Parents/Carers,

The maths focus for this week was ‘Time’ and the key vocabulary was: time, day, week, month, season, first, next, after, then, before finally, morning, afternoon and night-time.

We started off with finding out what children new about time. They looked at the days of the week and the months of the year and were asked: ‘What time of the day do you wake up?’, ‘What time of the day do you go to sleep?’ etc.

Q) Can you name the days of the week and the months of the year? Why don’t you tell your adults or if you have an older sister or brother?

Below are videos that will help you if you are not quite sure:

Have fun!
Let’s Exercise!
We talked about the things they did in their daily routine at home and school, using time related language such as: First, next, after, then, before, finally.

Q) Can you tell an adult what you do in school starting from the time you enter the classroom until you go home, using the above vocabulary?

Let us start you off: We first take off our coats and then we wash our hands.

One of the children’s learning objective was also to look at ‘measuring time’, using a 1 minute timer or stop cloak, which was challenging but fun. For example, the children were asked and then did the acitivy:

How many times can you write your name in 1 minute?

How long can you balance on one leg?’

Different children were invited for the challenge, their score recorded and then another set of children were invited to see if they could balance for longer.

Q) Can you think of a one minute challenge for your adults or siblings? Enjoy!

Lastly, the children began to look at telling the time using a clock and focused on ‘o’clock’. They were taught that there are always two hands on a clock, sometimes three. Mr minute (big hand) Mrs Hour (short hand).

Q) If the big hand is pointing to the 12, what does that mean and if the short hand is pointing to the 3, what time is it?

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From the Reception Team.

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Today in Gold Class 07/12/20

Evening Parents and Carers,

Today in phonics we were learning our sound for ‘W’ and began to write our own words and sentences using words beginning with ‘W’

In literacy, we are learning about ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. We read the story and recreated our own beginning, middle and end of the story

During our free flow session, Gold Class had the opportunity to show off their learning to Santa, by drawing/writing what we have learnt so far this term. This session was also filled with lots of pattern making on peg boards, and a ‘bug cafe!’

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Maths in Gold Class 04/12/20

Evening Parents and Carers,

Today in maths we put all our knowledge to the test and set out a range of activities covering everything we have learnt so far. (one more, one less, length, weight, height, size, capacity/volume, 2D, 3D shapes, addition, subtraction and lastly, patterns!) This was a way for all members of Gold Class to remember the great work we have learnt this in maths term.