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Welcome to Gold Class!

We had a busy start to the new school year settling in the children and learning about routines and expectations. Thank you to the parents who have helped by supporting us in the mornings for a smoother start to the day, naming their child’s uniform and ensuring their child has everything they need.

We have updated and introduced the staff in a separate post (page).

Please do check the school blog and/or classroom window for the uniform list. A gentle reminder to always send your child to school with a refillable water bottle. Also, please do send in a change of clothes.

Please take a look at some of the photos taken over the last few days. We will be blogging work and activities that we would like to share with you, over the weeks.

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Silver class – farewell year 20/21

Dear Silver stars, Parents & Carers,

All too soon we have come to the end of another year. Although challenging I must say silver stars, you have been a pleasure to teach and parents/carers nice working with you.

On behalf of the teaching team, I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for putting in your best and your “can do” attitude. We have loved teaching and working with you.

We wish you all the very best in Year One.

We can fix your hair….pop by!
Some dancing!
We rule….dancing competition
We love our playground.
Silver stars!

You are all going to be really missed.

Enjoy your summer holiday.

Team Silver.

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Bronze Class…. We Have Finished For The Summer!

Dear Parents & Carers,

Myself, the staff in class and the children have had a wonderful day in Bronze class today. We have celebrated the end of Reception with play, games, talking about memories and what we are proud of and finally our dance party!

I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you, this year has been a really difficult one given the pandemic but the children have been so resilient and have made it easy when times have been hard.

I will miss all of you but I won’t be too far away next year as I’ll only be 2 classrooms away from Emerald! Have a truly wonderful summer!

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It’s Almost The End Of Reception!

Hello Parents & Carers,

We only have 3 days left of school before the summer holidays, which means we only have 3 days left of Reception.

We have decided that on Wednesday 21st July we are going to have a party to celebrate our year in Reception.

The children can come into school wearing party clothes and we will be playing party games and completing some competitions.

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Week 6 in Silver Class!

Silver stars have been very busy this week.

Why is it important to eat vegetables?

Look what we have here!

Our seeds are growing…..

We have been keeping healthy by doing some exercises.

Enjoy your weekend…..

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Our Time in Reception – Gold Class

As we all know, it has been a very challenging time for the children in Reception but they coped and survived being the STARS and PRECIOUS children that they are.

So let’s go back in time to see a few of the thing that the children have done.

Gold Class

Unfortunately when it was my turn to have a picture with the children, there was no storage left to take the picture and they were taken just before hometime. But I will always have the memories in my heart forever.

Under the Ocean
Decent Image Scraps: Happy Holidays! | Holiday pictures, Happy, Holiday
Happy Summer Holidays! - OUR LEARNING JOURNEY

Lots of LOVE from

Miss Weithers

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Gold Class Sports Day!

What a lovely surprise and a fantastic sports day afternoon the children had on Wednesday last week. They all participated in the activities, tried their best and had nothing but FUN.

They were were all WINNERS!

Centipede Race

Long Jump

Target Kick

Running Race

As you know our topic this term is ‘Food and Growth’. The children had the opportunity to plant their own ‘Cress Seeds’ and a ‘Broad Bean’ with great excitement and pleasure.

Let's give each other flowers! - Page 26 — King Community
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Our Week in Silver Class

Silver class Sports Day

Our day was really packed with fun activities – hurdles, centipede race, long jump, target kick and running race. Please see photos below.

Our project this term is Food and Growing

We have been learning all about what seeds need to grow. We know they need – soil, light, air, water, love and time to grow.

Planting done!

Now we have to give it time to grow.

Have a restful weekend!

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Our First Week Back in Gold Class

Dear Parents / Carers,

Firstly, I hope you all had a wonderful half term break and have been enjoying the hot weather. Our topic for this term is ‘Food and Growth’.


This week in Maths the children had explored addition by adding on and subtraction as take away. The story that was used for maths involved a train conductor and passengers on different carriages. The conductor had various problems and the children had to help solve those problems.

One problem was that the train conductor wasn’t sure how many people were left on the train. First there were seven people on the train. Then two people got off. Cubes were used to represent the passengers.

Q) What shall we do to find the answer? (We need to take away two cubes).
Q) Now how many people are left on the train?
There are five people let on the train. Seven take away two is equal to five (7 – 2 = 5).

The children worked in pairs, had nine cubes representing nine passengers and a die and explored taking away from nine.


We looked at the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and the different foods the hungry caterpillar ate. We also discussed ‘What does healthy mean?’ and what foods were healthy and unhealthy that the hungry caterpillar ate.

Watch the video with your child and ask your child to name as many foods that they can remember the very hungry caterpillar ate and then to name some foods that they think are healthy or unhealthy.


This week the children revisited the ‘Phase 3 Sounds’ andPhase 3 & 4 Tricky words. Please keep practising these sounds with your child so that they can become more confident knowing them.

We also introduced the trigraphs ‘ure’ and revisited ‘igh’ and ‘ear’.

‘ure’ – pure, sure, manure, mixture

‘igh’ – sight, light, night, bright

‘ear’ – hear, near, spear, ear,

Have your child choose two words from each of the sounds above and then put them into a sentence.

Free Flow Play


Gold Class PE day is on a Monday. Please ensure that your child is wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear.

Have a Great Weekend - Free animation (animated gif)
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Welcome Back Bronze Class

Good Afternoon Parents & Carers

It has been lovely to see the children back this week and well rested after half term. This week we have focused on settling the children back into their school routine and introduced them to our new topic for this final half term. Our new topic this term is food and growth.

We have started our topic by looking at the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. The children have been looking at the food that the caterpillar ate and whether it was healthy or unhealthy. The children have discussed the meaning of the words healthy and unhealthy and we have explored what can happen if we eat too many unhealthy foods. Bronze class even created our own healthy lunch boxes! They look amazing well done Bronze class!

In Phonics this week we have recapped all of the diagraphs (two letters that make one sound) and we have been looking at the triagraphs ‘igh’, ‘ear’ and ‘ure’. We have also been going over all of the tricky words we have learnt so far. If you have a moment this weekend please listen to the tricky word songs with your child to help them to consolidate their learning.

The children have continued to explore the environment and develop their relationships when working together in their choosing time. They have had great fun and have been doing some fantastic work! Keep it up Bronze class!

Have a great weekend!