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Summer 1 Term Update

Dear Parent/Carer,

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are looking forward to the summer term!

Lately, we have started to introduce a new phonics scheme: Little Wandle (Letters and Sounds Revised). The children will be bringing home one focussed book per week and will be able to choose a book to share with you.

This week, we will be sending home new Reading Records. Please record when you have read with your child, the title and any page numbers plus please do comment your thoughts and experience of your shared-reads. Reading targets will continue to be sent home weekly and you can also refer to these in your comments.

Our topic this term, is Space and the children have enjoyed exploring their new space-station role play areas.

In week one, we explored the book ‘Whatever Next’. The children crafted their own rockets out of junk modelling and created rockets using a variety of shapes and resources. In Maths, they worked on number bonds to 5 or 10 as well as subitising how many objects (in a clear container).

In week 2, we learned about Ramadan, Eid and the different phases of the moon. The children were invited to write their own checklist of items needed for a trip to space. In Maths, the children found doubles using numicon and variety of other manipulatives.

This week, we are reading ‘The Man on the Moon’ and are learning about the astronaut Tim Peake. The children are using chalks to recreate the moon, styling their own astronauts and are cutting then decorating stars using glitter. In Maths, they are ordering numbered cards to 20 and following a sequence of dot-to-dot numbers in the correct order. Using ice and utensils, the children are navigating their way through breaking the ice and recovering the sphere-shaped objects.

Please do approach the team if you have any questions.

With thanks, The Reception Team

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Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repair

Over the last week in Reception, the children have learnt what can be done with old, used, unwanted items. We explored the text ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’ and became more familiar with how we could help in our everyday routines.

We worked as a team to decide if there could be a further purpose for a variety of items such as a plastic water bottle, old sock, cardboard box, ripped book etc

The children were able to explore, identify  and generate several super ideas such as a plant pot, hand puppet, shipping vessel and even stuck back together!

The children also designed and created their own unique items to be used to carry things in. These varied from a bag, basket, trolley and tray. Please take a look at some of their work below:

In Phonics, we have been revisiting digraphs ar, ur and or. The children have been practising sounding out, blending and writing these. Please do check Teachers 2 Parents for your child’s weekly reading targets.

In Maths, we worked on number bonds to 5 and part-part whole numbers to 10. This week we are working out the missing numbers.

In week 5 (this week), we are revising our phonics sounds learned so far, so will not be reading books directly with the children. We will, however, be changing their books.

Please do try to read with your child daily

With thanks, the Reception Team

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Our Learning So Far This Term – Spring 2

We have been busy since the beginning of Spring Term 2 with our new topic, The Environment and Food, Glorious Food!

The children have been busy planting seeds and growing cress. Hopefully you were able to taste these when they came home.

They have also looked at the life cycle of a caterpillar, as well as healthy and unhealthy foods, when we read and explored the classic story, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

We started the term by revisiting phonics phase 3 in order to further support the children with sounds, pronunciation, blending and reading. There are some useful links attached below.

Please explore and read books with your child daily. Can we kindly request that any books sent home are returned to school.

In Art, we have been painting our own fruits and vegetables, created butterflies using paint, life cycles with pasta and rice as well as a class caterpillar using painted paper plates.

Next week, we will be exploring junk modelling as part of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The children will think about creating something of use out of the recycled items.

Our role play this term houses a greengrocers, complete with a variety of fruit and vegetables as well as baskets and trollies! The children have been writing a shopping list using their knowledge of sounds.

In the near future, the children will be preparing and tasting different fruits and vegetables – please do let the adult know if your child has any allergies.

In Maths, we are working on numbers to 20, number bonds to 5 and 10 and the properties of shapes. Please share the links attached below with your child, if possible.

We look forward to inviting you into school at the end of term, when we will be able to share and show you all of our hard work 😁

With thanks, The Reception Team

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Spring 1 – Learning in Gold class

This term’s focus was Superheroes! We have looked at the stories of Superworm, Superduck, Supertato and the Evil Pea plus the roles of characters in stories to design our own super-vegetable and wanted posters! Through Small World and the Role Play area, we were able to create, describe and act out our own stories using the superhero headquarters. The children thought about what they would like their own superpowers to be and why.

In Maths, we worked on recognising numerals to 10, understanding less/more, short/long, lighter/heavier as well as creating patterns using a variety of resources.

In Phonics, the children continued to learn phase 3 sounds to be able to help with their reading and writing. We even used some words in short sentences 🙂

In Creative, the children enjoyed making their own superhero masks and figures using clay.

At the end of the term, we learned about Chinese New Year, which is the Tiger in 2022! The children explored the story and created masks and lanterns as part of the celebration.

We have head lots of fun and look forward to Spring 2!

The Reception Team

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Role Play in Reception

Dear parent /carer

The children have been busy exploring the new and updated role play areas! Please take a look at the photos below.

This term, we have introduced a hairdressers and nail salon plus a superheroes and villains dressing up area as well as the kitchen.

Pictures of our new areas included at the bottom off this page 👍🏼.

Thank you, The Reception Team 😁

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Reception Christmas Performance

Dear parents/carers

9-10am Monday 6th December 2021

Further to our post and message, we are confirming that we are unable to hold our performance in person. Given the rising Covid numbers, we are not able to welcome you into the school at this time.

The children will still be able to wear their Christmas jumpers and perform but we will be sharing this with you remotely.

Please do look out for the link shared via teachers to parents shortly.

Thank you, the Reception Team

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Christmas Performance 6.12.21

Dear parents /carers

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid situation and Government guidelines, we are unable to host our Reception performance in person.

We will however, be video recording this for the parents/carers to see.

Currently, we’re working out the most efficient way of doing this whether it be live via zoom or sharing the link to it.

We are going to be performing this between 9-10am this coming Monday 6th December as planned

Please do keep an eye out for any further news.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

The Reception Team.

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Our week so far in Gold class

In Literacy we have been learning about “The Gruffalo’s child” by Julia Donaldson. We talked about the characters, the setting and have tried sequencing the story. We also learnt about how it is important to do good listening so we do not get into trouble and be safe.

Maths is all about measurement – weights

We have been using mathematical language to compare weights, finding out which one is heavy, light or the same.

Sounds learnt so far……S,a,t,p,i, n,m,d,g,o,c,k,e,u and r.

Below are photos of some of our work….

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Gold class in action

Making salt dough
Lunchtime…..yum yum…
Using our sounds to blend to read CVC words….
Role play…. teachers. Golden child telling class his expectations!
Hunt for the number 3 in the environment….
Morning activity!
We love to paint…….the river
Painting the forest…
I know how to safely use a pair of scissors..

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Reception Update

Dear parents/carers

This week, we will be starting the Reception Baseline Assessments as per Government requirements

This involves assessing maths, literacy, communication and language.

The children are having lots of fun completing the tasks!

Please feel free to approach the adults if you have any questions.

With thanks,

The Reception Team