Wednesday 1st April 2020 Good Morning – Parents, Families and Children. We’d love you to have a try at today’s challenge…:

Get active:

“Gonna build a house, gonna build a house. With a chimney tall, with a chimney tall. Gonna build a roof, gonna build a roof and a garden wall, and a garden wall. And a big front door you can open wide, two small windows you can peak inside. Gonna build a house, gonna build a house. We’re gonna build a houuu-uusee”

Take a Challenge:

Talk about the different types of homes. Look at some of the pictures on …

 House and Homes topic for Kids – Primary Homework Help › houses › modern

Can you together remember the names of any of the homes?  

If you wrote some words or a sentence yesterday – Try reading it together 

Have some fun and describe a type of home and encourage your child to say its name

For example; It has lots of floors and it can be very tall, different people live downstairs or upstairs and it can have a lift and stairs – “Flats”

Have a try at comparing different types of homes to your own home 

For example, you could choose a block of flats and compare it to a bungalow

Talk about: What is different? What is the same? 

Think about the size, and shape of windows, how many floors does it have? 

Have you ever seen this type of home before?  Where? 

Encourage your child to use sentences as you participate in conversation

How many differences and similarities can you come up with?

Together you could try writing a list of the differences…

More Challenge:

Draw or create a picture of a home of your choice – it could be anything – a caravan / house / bungalow or flat – anything you choose

Using any pencils / felt pens or anything suitable you have at home draw a picture of a home – You could paint /colour or draw patterns on your home – Choose your own style…

Encourage your child to:

Talk about what they are going to add to the house 

What colour the house/door/windows will be? 

How many windows will it have? What shape will they be? 

What other shapes have you drawn/created? 

Does your house have trees, flowers, a garage, a chimney? 

How many floors does it have? Is it a bungalow, cottage, flat, house, caravan?

Also encourage your child to tell other members of the family about what they have done today…! 

Tuesday 31st March – Good Morning Parents, Families & Children – We hope you are all well..!

It’s good to start the day the active way – Have a try at at some activity with phonics – your child will know the letter sounds and names – Afterwards you could talk with your child about other things which begin with the same sounds…


Workout to the Letter Sounds | Version 2 | Letter Sounds Song | Phonics for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Today’s Literacy Challenge:

Talk about what you did yesterday – Can your child remember the names of any of the homes?  

You could look at your list or look online at different pictures of homes 

House and Homes topic for Kids – Primary Homework Help › houses › modern

Today, have a try at describing your own home.

Encourage your child to use full sentences when describing their home.

For example, ‘My home has one floor and five rooms. It has a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. My front door is yellow.’ 

Can you describe someone else’s home that you have been to? For example; can you describe your Grandma’s home?

What is different? What is the same?

As a challenge you could write a word or sentence to describe your home. 

Today’s Challenge… Some Literacy…

This week there will be lots of learning about the different types of homes. 

You could start by asking your child the following questions:

What is a home?

What type of home do you live in?

Do you know any different types of home? 

Together, you could look at pictures of different types of homes and talk about them.  

(Below is a link which shows different types of homes) For example, bungalow, flat, house, cottage, chalet, detached, semi-detached, caravan, tent, castle.

You could look at how many floors or windows it has, whether it is attached to another building or on its own or whether it is something you have seen before. Have a look at what the houses are made from too!

You could make a list together to include all of your thoughts and ideas about different homes – Talk about the homes of relatives.

Encourage your child to sketch pictures of the different types of homes and label them 

Encourage your child to use the sounds they know to write words

They could even attempt to write a sentence 

House and Homes topic for Kids – Primary Homework Help › houses › modern

Friday 27th March – Good Morning – Good Morning it’s Sock Puppet Challenge Time

Find an old light-coloured long sock – big enough for your child’s hand to fit into 

Encourage your child to make a sock puppet – use what you have to decorate it – anything safe is suitable –

They can use a felt-tip pen to mark the facial features / colour it or just leave it plain

Encourage your child to give their sock puppet a name 

Play couniting in 2’s with their sock puppet and using the sock puppet for practicing counting in 2’s 

Your child says a number and the puppet say the next number and so on 

Write some numbers with your puppet 

Have a try at ordering number on Topmarks  with your sock puppet

Follow instructions below:

Good Morning All – Thursday 26th March – It’s a Daily Challenge…

Find those Socks again…

Encourage your child to find the largest sock

Ask your child to fill the sock with other socks and you guess how many others are inside 

Take turns to fill the sock and ask questions:

Is the number of socks inside bigger than 5? 

Is the number of socks inside smaller than 7?

Every time you guess it right together take the socks out and check if it is correct 

We know that you’re really good with numbers so why not give me a clue about the number of socks in the large sock by saying for example it’s in between 4 and 6 …

You can show us how good you are with your numbers with the Helicopter Rescue finding numbers up to 10, 20 ,30 and more even more 

Helicopter Rescue also will challenge you to find numbers in between 1-10 / 1-20 and higher…

Have a try: –

Follow the instructions: