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Our First Week Back in Gold Class

Dear Parents / Carers,

Firstly, I hope you all had a wonderful half term break and have been enjoying the hot weather. Our topic for this term is ‘Food and Growth’.


This week in Maths the children had explored addition by adding on and subtraction as take away. The story that was used for maths involved a train conductor and passengers on different carriages. The conductor had various problems and the children had to help solve those problems.

One problem was that the train conductor wasn’t sure how many people were left on the train. First there were seven people on the train. Then two people got off. Cubes were used to represent the passengers.

Q) What shall we do to find the answer? (We need to take away two cubes).
Q) Now how many people are left on the train?
There are five people let on the train. Seven take away two is equal to five (7 – 2 = 5).

The children worked in pairs, had nine cubes representing nine passengers and a die and explored taking away from nine.


We looked at the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and the different foods the hungry caterpillar ate. We also discussed ‘What does healthy mean?’ and what foods were healthy and unhealthy that the hungry caterpillar ate.

Watch the video with your child and ask your child to name as many foods that they can remember the very hungry caterpillar ate and then to name some foods that they think are healthy or unhealthy.


This week the children revisited the ‘Phase 3 Sounds’ andPhase 3 & 4 Tricky words. Please keep practising these sounds with your child so that they can become more confident knowing them.

We also introduced the trigraphs ‘ure’ and revisited ‘igh’ and ‘ear’.

‘ure’ – pure, sure, manure, mixture

‘igh’ – sight, light, night, bright

‘ear’ – hear, near, spear, ear,

Have your child choose two words from each of the sounds above and then put them into a sentence.

Free Flow Play


Gold Class PE day is on a Monday. Please ensure that your child is wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear.

Have a Great Weekend - Free animation (animated gif)
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Welcome Back Bronze Class

Good Afternoon Parents & Carers

It has been lovely to see the children back this week and well rested after half term. This week we have focused on settling the children back into their school routine and introduced them to our new topic for this final half term. Our new topic this term is food and growth.

We have started our topic by looking at the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. The children have been looking at the food that the caterpillar ate and whether it was healthy or unhealthy. The children have discussed the meaning of the words healthy and unhealthy and we have explored what can happen if we eat too many unhealthy foods. Bronze class even created our own healthy lunch boxes! They look amazing well done Bronze class!

In Phonics this week we have recapped all of the diagraphs (two letters that make one sound) and we have been looking at the triagraphs ‘igh’, ‘ear’ and ‘ure’. We have also been going over all of the tricky words we have learnt so far. If you have a moment this weekend please listen to the tricky word songs with your child to help them to consolidate their learning.

The children have continued to explore the environment and develop their relationships when working together in their choosing time. They have had great fun and have been doing some fantastic work! Keep it up Bronze class!

Have a great weekend!

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Last week’s learning in Silver class!

Good afternoon Parents & Carers,

Silver stars had a fantastic week!

In Maths, the children explored 2D and 3D shapes and their properties as well as shape patterns. They created patterns using different criteria such as colour or shapes that is 2D shapes.

Why don’t you practise these with your child over the half term to help consolidate his/her learning.

Take a look at some of our finished patterns:

individual patterns

group pattern.

English, we focused on the story ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ by Sarah Roberts. Our discussion was about pollution and keeping our oceans clean. The children were challenged to see if they could clean water that had glitter, cardboard, plastic and oil in (dirty).

They talked about how difficult it was to clean dirty water hence looked at ways to keep the ocean clean (reuse of plastics).

Phonics was all about the trigraphs – igh, air and ear. Trigraphs are three letters making one sound.

using the trigraph “air”
using the trigraph “ear”

Friday was a fun filled day! Take a peek at our “under the sea” work.

whole class project!

This is how it all started………

decorating our stars…

painting our shells….
making our turtles…

sticking and gluing our crabs!

Well done Silver STARS!

Enjoy the rest of the half term….see you all soon.

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This Week’s Learning in Gold Class

In English

This week’s learning was about ‘ Sea Pollution’, the reuse of plastic (focusing on a plastic bag) and how we can keep the earth, ourselves, animals and plants safe. They were shown a picture of a dirty sea and was question such as, ‘What is wrong with this picture?’  ‘What can you see?’ and how can we keep our seas clean?’.

We also looked at a lovely fictional story called Somebody Swallowed Stanley.

This story has a real environmental problem, ask your child if they could tell you what the problem was in the story.

In Maths

We consolidated halving and doubling and then recapped 2-D shapes. We also looked at creating patterns using different criteria’s, such as colour or shapes (using 2-D shapes).

The children looked at a picture of the nursery rhyme ‘Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary’ and we discussed what shapes and patterns they could see.

What shapes can you see? What do you know about the shape? What pattern can you see?

The children were using cubes to find half of a number and below they have found half of 6. Well done Gold Class!

In Phonics

We first recapped sounds learnt from the previous week and then introduced the children to three trigraph sounds: ‘igh’, ‘air’ and ‘ear’ and the tricky word ‘like’.

Have your child put the following trigraph words and the tricky word into a sentence:

‘igh’ – light, high, bright, night

‘air’ – hair, chair, stairs, pair

‘ear’ – hear, tear, fear, clear

Tricky word – ‘like’

The children worked hard on writing their own sentences using their phonics knowledge.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed painting a starfish and covering it with glitter.

Well done Gold Class for all your hard work this term. Enjoy your deserved holiday and remember to keep safe.

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Week 6 In Bronze Class

Good Afternoon Parents & Carers,

We have had a fabulous week in Bronze class! The children should be really proud of themselves and all that they have learnt this half term.

In Literacy this week we have been focusing on the story ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ by Sarah Roberts. We have had a discussion with the children this week about pollution and keeping our oceans clean. We also gave the children a challenge to see if they could clean water that had glitter, cardboard, plastic and oil in.

They found that once water is dirty it is extremely hard to clean! Have a listen to the story with your child at home if you have a chance over the half term.

In Phonics this week we have learnt the ‘igh’, ‘ear’ and ‘air’ triagraphs. A triagraph is three letters that make one sound. There are a few things that we do in school to help the children learn the sounds:

  • igh – igh, igh, way up high
  • ear – point to your ear and say ear
  • air – air, air, I have long hair

The children have practised writing the sounds and using them in a sentence:

In Maths this week the children have explored 2D and 3D shapes and their properties as well as shape patterns. Please practise this over the half term break to help children consolidate their learning.

We had a lovely Friday in Bronze class today. The children did their choosing beautifully and everyone did fantastic sharing! The children also enjoyed a lovely treat today and watched the film Finding Nemo as a reward for all their hard work.

Have a wonderful half term break and I can’t wait to see all the children back for our final term in Reception!

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This Week’s Learning in Reception

In Maths

This week the children have explored the concept of halving and doubling. In one of the lessons, the children worked in pairs, had number cards 2, 4, 6, and 8 and cubes. They then had to pick a number card and find the half of that number using the cubes to support their learning.

In Phonics

We first recapped the sounds from the previous week and introduced the tricky word ‘have’.

Then this week looked at the sounds:

oa’ – goat, coat, boat, road, soap

‘ur’ burn, fur, curl, turn, hurt

‘er’ – bigger, winner, slower, farmer, flower

Have your child choose a word from above list and write a sentence using that word.

Keep practising your sounds!

In Literacy

The children had started to look at facts about under the sea creatures and were able to name of quite a few, such as a dolphin, a whale, jelly fish etc.


The children were given a template of a shell and they painted it with beautiful colours and sprinkled glitter over it.

20 Inspiring Quotes About Reading for Kids and Students! - InspireMyKids

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Reception Team

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Week 4 in Silver class!

It has been another busy week in Silver class. Silver stars began their week with PE which they enjoyed.


We have been looking at the digraphs: ar – car, oi – coin and ow – cow as well the tricky word ‘said’. Can you practice these with your child at home.


Encourage your child to put these sounds into words, put them into a sentence and write them down. Remember to begin your sentence with a capital letter, leave finger spaces and end your sentence with a full stop


In maths it’s all about grouping and sharing. Children have been exploring the concept of counting in groups of 2s, 5s and 10s to find the total. We also looked at sharing objects into equal parts.


The children have done their lovely storyboard from the story ‘Sharing a shell’ by Julia Donaldson.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Week 4 In Bronze Class

Good Afternoon Parents & Carers,

We have had a done lots of learning in Bronze class this week. I have to say a huge well done to all the children as we have once again had the highest attendance in KS1 for the second week in a row! This week we have been continuing with our ‘under the sea’ project and our sea creatures are really beginning to take shape!

In Maths this week we have continued to look at grouping. We have also began to look at sharing. We have emphasised the importance of sharing things equally and accurately. Please practise this at home, emphasising “one for me, one for you”. We have also encouraged the children to use full sentences for example “6 shared between 2 is 3 each”. The children have completed sharing activities in Maths using a variety of resources this week and have been working together with their partner to complete the tasks.

In Phonics this week our tricky word word was ‘said’. The children have practise writing sentences containing the word ‘said’ and have verbally come up with their own sentences. Of course we have listened to the tricky word song in class too to help the children remember it. It is a new tricky word song as we have covered all previous tricky words. Please listen to the song with your child as often as possible and sing along too!

We have also recapped the ‘ar’, ‘ow’ and ‘oi’ diagraphs this week. The children have been writing some beautiful sentences!

In Literacy this week the children have been doing their own storyboards of the story ‘Sharing A Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. I have been very impressed with their work! It is so impressive that I will be putting it up on display in Bronze class!

We have began to look at the story ‘Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary’ by Simon Bartram and we will continue to focus on this story next week. Please do listen to the story with your child at home if you have a moment this weekend.

The children have continued to complete activities of their choice during their choosing time. Here are a few things that they have been up to:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Gold Class

The children have been working hard in all areas of their learning this week. Well done Gold Class!

In Maths

The children have continued with exploring sharing objects into two or more equal groups. In one lesson the children worked in pars, using number cards, cubes, to share among three people (the Master, the Dame and the Little Boy who lives down the lane) taking from the nursery rhyme ‘Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. After sharing the cubes (representing bags of wool), they then had to say whether each person had the same equal amount of wool or not.


In phonics the children were revisiting the sounds ‘ar’, ‘oi’, ‘ow’ and the new tricky word was ‘said’. They are always trying their best to write sentences using their phonics knowledge. Great work!

Use the videos to help your child recap their sounds and learn their tricky words. Have them practise writing the tricky words and then write a sentence using that word. Remember tricky words cannot be sounded out you have to know them by sight.

In P.E

Art Outdoors

The children began the first stage of creating their turtle (made out of an egg box) for their underwater sea creature diorama.

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Our Learning In Bronze Class This Week

Good Afternoon Parents & Carers

We have been learning lots of new things this week!

In Maths this week we have been looking at grouping. We have learnt what a group is and what an unequal and equal group looks like.

In Phonics this week we have be recapping the ‘ee’, ‘or’ and ‘oo’ sounds. We have also learnt the tricky word ‘my’. Please continue to practise the sounds and tricky words with your child at home.

In Literacy we have began to look at the story ‘Sharing A Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. It is a lovely story and one we will continue to explore in more detail next week. Please have a listen to the story if you have time over the weekend.

Our story from last week (The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister) and our story in Literacy this week (Sharing A Shell) both focus on sharing. It has been lovely to see the children sharing during their choosing time. Some children even worked together as a team to complete the puzzle! Well done! Keep up the good team work!

Have a lovely weekend!