Life cycles, directions and gardening!

This week we have continued our animals topic by sharing facts about various animals and looking at the life cycles of frogs an butterflies. The children have been watching our frogspawn in class and learning about what happens next! Next week we will be looking how to look after pets. We have been looking after the class rabbits: Bunty, Frazzle, Zazzle and Thumper. In maths we have been learning using directional language and programming b-bots. Outside we have begun to get the garden ready for Spring

Shapes, animals, Spring and World Book Day

This week we have continued to learn about animals. The children made clay models of their favourite animals and met two of our new class rabbits – Zazzle and Frazzle. The children wrote recount booklets of our pancake making and in maths we have been looking at how 3-d shapes are made up of different 2-d shapes using nets. We are preparing our garden for Spring planting. See some pictures from the week and World Book Day.

Spring 2 Week 1!

Welcome back! Our new topic this half term is animals and Spring. This week we have been talking about our favourite animals, drawing them and finding out facts about them. In maths we have been looking at measurement and learning vocabulary around length and weight. We have celebrated pancake day by making and eating pancakes! This has fed into our science curriculum as we have watched liquids turn into solids, before we eat them! We also welcomed the nursery children into the main building. See some pictures of this week’s learning…

Doing the animal boogie
More pancakes
Flipping pancakes!