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Reception Christmas Performance

Dear parents/carers

9-10am Monday 6th December 2021

Further to our post and message, we are confirming that we are unable to hold our performance in person. Given the rising Covid numbers, we are not able to welcome you into the school at this time.

The children will still be able to wear their Christmas jumpers and perform but we will be sharing this with you remotely.

Please do look out for the link shared via teachers to parents shortly.

Thank you, the Reception Team

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Christmas Performance 6.12.21

Dear parents /carers

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid situation and Government guidelines, we are unable to host our Reception performance in person.

We will however, be video recording this for the parents/carers to see.

Currently, we’re working out the most efficient way of doing this whether it be live via zoom or sharing the link to it.

We are going to be performing this between 9-10am this coming Monday 6th December as planned

Please do keep an eye out for any further news.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

The Reception Team.

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Our week so far in Gold class

In Literacy we have been learning about “The Gruffalo’s child” by Julia Donaldson. We talked about the characters, the setting and have tried sequencing the story. We also learnt about how it is important to do good listening so we do not get into trouble and be safe.

Maths is all about measurement – weights

We have been using mathematical language to compare weights, finding out which one is heavy, light or the same.

Sounds learnt so far……S,a,t,p,i, n,m,d,g,o,c,k,e,u and r.

Below are photos of some of our work….

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Gold class in action

Making salt dough
Lunchtime…..yum yum…
Using our sounds to blend to read CVC words….
Role play…. teachers. Golden child telling class his expectations!
Hunt for the number 3 in the environment….
Morning activity!
We love to paint…….the river
Painting the forest…
I know how to safely use a pair of scissors..

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Our week so far, in Gold Class

The children have been busy exploring both indoors and outdoors enjoying activities such as water, sand, bikes, climbing, creating and solving puzzles😀 .

The return of the sunshine has also been a lovely addition!

Please take a look at some of our photos.

With thanks,

The Reception Team

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Reception Update

Dear parents/carers

This week, we will be starting the Reception Baseline Assessments as per Government requirements

This involves assessing maths, literacy, communication and language.

The children are having lots of fun completing the tasks!

Please feel free to approach the adults if you have any questions.

With thanks,

The Reception Team

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Welcome to Gold Class!

We had a busy start to the new school year settling in the children and learning about routines and expectations. Thank you to the parents who have helped by supporting us in the mornings for a smoother start to the day, naming their child’s uniform and ensuring their child has everything they need.

We have updated and introduced the staff in a separate post (page).

Please do check the school blog and/or classroom window for the uniform list. A gentle reminder to always send your child to school with a refillable water bottle. Also, please do send in a change of clothes.

Please take a look at some of the photos taken over the last few days. We will be blogging work and activities that we would like to share with you, over the weeks.